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Zhanna Nemtsova, daughter of assassinated Russia dissident Boris Nemtsov
Feb. 21, 2017 

On Russia as an authoritarian regime:
  • “Russia is not a democracy anymore. . . It is an authoritarian country . . The Russian economy is controlled by the state . . . We have no political competition . . . No division of power. All power is collected in the arms of Vladmir Putin. . . “
  • “Opinion polls do not reflect any reality in authoritarian regime. Because people fear to express their ideas and their opinions publicly.”
  • “Though authoritarian regimes are visibly stable, they are in fact very unpredictable.”
  • “I want to close with the words of my father, Boris Nemtsov. He repeated the same idea – Russia without Putin. I think Russia should be and must be without Putin and it will be the reality one day.”
At UN Opening Event, Feb. 20, 2017:
  • “Fifteen years ago, Russia wouldn’t have been here because it was a democracy . . . We did not have political prisoners in Russia. Now we have more than 100 political prisoners and Russia is an authoritarian regime. . . in only fifteen years, Russia has become a truly authoritarian regime with political prisoners and political repressions. That’s why I think that’s an issue and the United Nations has to pay attention to what’s going on in Russia.”
  • “We want Russia without political prisoners and free and democratic. Russia without Putin.”
  • “I was a journalist in Russia. . . And I have never been an activist . . . I led a normal life . . . [] my father was the one responsible for human rights in Russia and for fighting for democracy and I fully supported him. And my father used to say “You know, if you want to join me, you will lose your job. You have to make this choice.” . . . When my father was assassinated, my choice was very obvious and evident. It was my moral choice and I was ready to lose my job.”