GENEVA, February 19, 2018 – Russian democracy dissident Vladimir Kara-Murza today addressed the United Nations opening of the 10th Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy — see quotes below. For links to other speakers’ quotes, videos, photos, livestream, and more, click here.

On the assassination of Boris Nemtsov:
  • “Back in the 70s and 80s, major political dissidents were imprisoned, in forced exile… today the most prominent political dissident in Russia is dead.”
  • “The most prominent, the strongest, the most effective leader of the opposition in Russia was assassinated as he walked across a bridge.”

On Russia under Putin:

  • “The Kremlin’s narrative is that there is no Russia without Putin. I can find few things that are more insulting to say about my country.”
  • “Just as in the Soviet Union, elections today serve as a meaningless ritual with no pluralism, no real competition. I call it a post-modern dictatorship. Although now we have several ballots, in reality there is only one choice.”

On hope for the future:

  • “As Vladimir Bukovsky once noted, it’s a remarkable feature of Russian history that even in the absolute darkest periods of repression and propaganda you always find people who are willing to stand up against tyranny — and that’s what we see today.”
  • “Tens of thousands of people went out to the streets in our country in the last few months. The vast amount of these people that came to protest were young people – the very generation that was raised under Vladimir Putin. They are the future of Russia. They are the Russia of tomorrow.”