3rd Annual Geneva Summit

March 2011



9:00 Opening  Speech

  • Hillel Neuer (@HillelNeuer)
    Executive Director of UN Watch, on behalf of the NGO Coalition

9:15 After the Referendum: The Human Rights Situation in Sudan

Moderator: Catherine Fiankan-Bokonga, Journalist

  • John Dau, Sudanese Author and Founder of the John Dau Foundation
  • Bernard Schalscha, General Secretary, Collectif Urgence Darfour
  • Haun Branco, President of Jeune République

10:45 Protecting Press Freedom and Internet Freedom

Moderator: Ilana Soskin, Lawyer and Delegate, LICRA

  • Miguel Angel Rodriguez, Opposition journalist, Venezuela
  • Nguyen Thanh Van, Vietnamese blogger
  • Grace Kwinjeh, Zimbabwean Female Human Rights defender and journalist

12:00 Africa and LGBT rights

Moderator: Karin S. Woldseth, Norwegian MP

———————— 12:30 Networking Lunch ————————

14:00 Revolution in the Middle East

Moderator: Darius Rochebin, TSR

  • Mahmoud Salem, Egyptian blogger, founder of the Popular Egyptian blog “Rantings of Sandmonkey”
  • Mohammed Eljahmi, Libyan dissident
  • Dalia Ziada, Egyptian blogger and Egyptian Director of the American Islamic Congress (via Skype)
  • Lina Ben Mhenni Tunisian blogger

15:30 The Right against Arbitrary Arrest

Moderator: Naomi Ichihara Rokkum, Vice-President of IFLRY

  • Guang-il Jung, North Korean dissident, tortured and escaped from Labor Camps
  • Farid Tukhbatullin, Turkmen Human rights activist, former prisoner. Under death threat by his government
  • Luis Enrique Ferrer Garcia, Cuban dissident who received a 28-year sentence for his work with the Varela project, a civic initiative calling for democratic reforms in Cuba
  • Mohammad Mostafaei, Prominent human rights lawyers from Iran

17:00 After Liu Xianobo’s Nobel Prize: The Situation of Human Rights in China

Moderator: Yang Jianli, Chinese dissident and human rights activist

  • Dechem Pemba, UK-born Tibetan, editor of the website High Peaks Pure Part, on which Tibetan blogs written in Tibetan and Chinese are translated into English
  • Bahtiyar Ömer, Uyghur human rights activist whose wife, Gulmire Imin, received life imprisonment for her role as an “illegal organizer” during the 2009 demonstrations
  • Ti-Anna Wang, Daughter of Bingzhang WANG, Chinese dissident in life detention and solitary confinement, one of the founding members of the overseas Chinese Democracy Movement 
  • Andili Maimaitekerimu, President of East Turkestan Association in Switzerland 

———————— 18:00 End of the Summit ————————

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