6th Annual Geneva Summit

February 2014



9:00 Welcome

  • Hillel Neuer (@HillelNeuer)
    Executive Director of UN Watch, on behalf of the NGO Coalition

9:10 Opening Speech: Political Prisoners and The Legacy of Nelson Mandela

  • Prof. Irwin Cotler (@IrwinCotler)
    Canadian MP, former Justice Minister, lawyer for Nelson Mandela

9:30 Women’s Rights, Human Dignity and Equality

Moderator: Daniel Schwammenthal, Journalist

11:00 24H reality or Propaganda? Russia Today, Iran’s Press TV and the Battle for Objectivity

Moderator: Guy Mettan, President of the Swiss Press Club

  • James Kirchick, Journalist who hijacked Russia Today interview to expose anti-gay laws
  • Potkin AzarmehrIranian activist and journalist

12:00 The 2014 Geneva Summit Courage Award 

Presented by Ambassador Alfred Moses, UN Watch Chair

  • Chen Guangcheng, Escaped Chinese dissident, known as the “Barefoot Lawyer”

Response and conversation with Madeleine Brot, TSR

———————— 13:00 Networking Lunch ————————

14:30 The Fight for Fundamental Freedoms

Moderator: Philippe Robinet, Editor

  • Nagmeh Abedini, Wife of jailed Iranian Pastor Saeed Abedini
  • William Browder, The man behind the Magnitsky List
  • Biram Dah Abeid, Mauritanian anti-slavery activist, UN human rights prize winner 2013
  • Dang Xuong Hung Vietnamese Diplomat who defected

16:00 Resisting Authoritarianism

Moderator: Alana Goodman, Journalist

  • Damarys Zoya Portieles, Leader of the Opposition Central Coalition, former prisoner
  • Ahn Myong Chul, North Korean defector, Former Prison Guard (tbc)
  • Moayad Salah Skaif, Syrian activist
  • Ali Al Ahmed, Saudi dissident and human rights activist (via Skype)

17:00 Action: How Diplomats, MPs and Activists Can Make a Difference

Moderator: Hillel Neuer, UN Watch

  • Ambassador Hanns Heinrich Schumacher, Permanent Representative of Germany
  • Mu Sochua, Cambodian MP, Chair of the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrat’s Women Caucus and Representative of Liberal International
  • Yang Jianli, Chinese dissident and founder of Initiatives for China 
  • Taha Bana, Founder of Goodwall
  • Jacob Mchangama, Co-founder of The Freedom for Rights Project and Director of legal affairs of the think-thank CEPOs

———————— 18:00 Signing of Outcome Declaration ————————

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