GENEVA, February 19, 2018 – Journalist and filmmaker Maziar Bahari, who was jailed and tortured by Iran, today addressed the United Nations opening of the 10th Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy — see quotes below.
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On the future in Iran:

  • “I worry about a very volatile future in Iran – a future that can be consumed by violence and chaos or it can be a bright future for people that are pro-democracy.”

On dictatorship in Iran:

  • “I would like to be in Pastor Mawarire’s place in a few years – to see the fall of a dictator.”
  • “This government in Iran did not come from mars. It is a government that we brought to power. We were ashamed of that and wanted to change it peacefully [in 2009] because we knew what violence brings.”

On recent Iranian protests:

  • “The recent protests show that there are many people in the nation who want change and they want to change the system now.”
  • “Many of the people that came out to the street in the recent demonstrations were young. According to the police, the average age of those arrested was between 16 and 25. That means that most of them could not even vote in 2009.”