GENEVA, February 20, 2018 – Freed Yazidi ISIS slave and author of “The Girl Who Beat ISIS,” Farida Abbas Khalaf, addressed the 10th Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy — see quotes below.

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On being captured by ISIS:

  • “They gathered all the people in the school building – the school where I dreamed of being a mathematics teacher. We have lost our dreams in the same building.”
  • “We didn’t accept to convert [to Islam]. As a result … they started killing men, many men. One day it was more than 140/400  men, including my father and 2 brothers.”
  • “It is true that I tried to suicide 7 times and I tried to escape two times – the third time I succeeded.”

Message to the world community:

  • “As human beings we should feel ashamed, and international leaders should feel ashamed. There are many Fardia’s in the Yazidi community who come year after year with the same requests… I hope next year I will not come to share the same tragic story, but to thank you.”
  • “Imagine that you are in my position, you have been abducted, raped, your father and brother killed, your whole family in captivity, your whole community still suffering, and you have tried to travel to the world and speak and repeat the same story again and again but you don’t really see the results what  are you going to do?”