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Danilo “El Sexto” Maldonado, Cuban graffiti artist, dissident, jailed for criticizing Castro, just released from prison four weeks ago
Feb. 21, 2017

On arbitrary detention in Cuba:
  • “I have been a victim of many arbitrary detentions, searches, confiscation of my art material and abductions. . . I have been imprisoned four times, first when I was 18 . . . then when I was 24. . . 31. . . and 33.”
  • “Just one year later, I was put into prison again because I was celebrating and not crying when Fidel Castro died. I wrote on a wall ‘he went.’ . . . It would seem that I was the only one who wanted to celebrate the arrival of divine justice, replacing justice that wasn’t able to reach the people through the courts.”
  • “I went back to my house. I was abducted. I was beaten . . . the police dragged me out. . . I was put in a cell. I was put only in my underwear for the weekend, so I wouldn’t be able to celebrate human rights day . . . Then, I was taken to a bigger facility and I was beaten. I was required to put on a special uniform or I would not be allowed to see my mother and my girlfriend . . . I wasn’t allowed to see my girlfriend because she wasn’t my wife. . . They threatened to shoot me. . . I was released without any charges. . .
  • “Unfortunately, this is a common event in my country.”