Lee Young-guk at Geneva Summit: Former bodyguard of Kim Jong-il, arrested and tortured for trying to defect, eventually escaped to South Korea GENEVA, February 23, 2016 — Lee Young-guk, the one-time bodyguard to former North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il, today gave harrowing testimony of the atrocities he both witnessed and experienced [...]

Rosa Maria Paya at Geneva Summit: Cuban human rights activist, daughter of late dissident Oswaldo Paya GENEVA, February 23, 2016 -- Rosa Maria Paya, one of Cuba's leading human rights and democracy activists and the daughter of the late Oswaldo Paya, today spoke before a [...]

Daniel Mekonnen at Geneva Summit: Exiled Eritrean human rights lawyer and scholar GENEVA, February 23, 2016 -- Daniel Mekonnen, an Eritrean human rights lawyer and activist living in exile, today spoke before a chamber of human rights victims, dissidents and activists [...]

Polina Nemirovskaia at Geneva Summit: Human Rights Researcher, Open Russia GENEVA, February 23, 2016 -- Polina Nemirovskaia, a seasoned human rights campaigner in Russia despite being only 20-years old, and an active player in the political campaign of Boris [...]

Darya Safai at Geneva Summit: campaigner for right of Iranian women to enter sports stadiums GENEVA, February 23, 2016 -- Darya Safai is an Iranian women's rights campaigner and founder of the Let Iranian women enter their stadiums campaign. She uses the ban in [...]

The United Nations and the Struggle for Human Rights: A report on the 2016 Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy

The United Nations and the Struggle for Human Rights: A report on the 2016 Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy By David E. Lowe Rosa Maria Paya, 27, promotes [...]

Orhan Kemal Cengiz at Geneva Summit: Turkish human rights lawyer, columnist for Today’s Zaman and Özgür Düşünce GENEVA, February 23, 2016 -- Orhan Kemal Cengiz, a Turkish human rights lawyer and journalist, spoke about the rapid recent decline of freedom of expression in an increasingly authoritarian [...]

Anastasia Lin at Geneva Summit: Activis for human rights in China, Miss World Canada 2015 GENEVA, February 23, 2016 -- Anastasia Lin is an actress, classical pianist, human rights activist and Miss World Canada 2015. Today, at our 8th Geneva Summit for Human Rights [...]

Jigme Golog at Geneva Summit: Tibetan monk recently released from jail GENEVA, February 23, 2016 -- Jigme Golog, a Tibetan monk, peaceful freedom fighter and filmmaker who was violently arrested and horrifically tortured by the Chinese government before fleeing to [...]

Antonietta Ledezma accepts Geneva Summit Courage Award on behalf of father Antonio Ledezma GENEVA, February 23, 2016 -- Antonietta Ledezma, the daughter of imprisoned Caracas mayor and co-recipient of the Geneva Summit Courage Award 2016 Antonio Ledezma, today addressed a room of [...]