“I Know the Course of History”: Lyubov Sobol Confronts Russia’s Future

Interviewed by Dylan Rogers. Shortly after Russia went to the polls this September, I sat down with opposition leader Lyubov Sobol (GS’20). At 34 Sobol occupies an idiosyncratic place [...]

Astrid Thors speaks at the 2017 Geneva Summit

Astrid Thors, a former OSCE High Commissioner for National Minorities and Finnish MP, addresses the 9th Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy - see quotes below, followed by full [...]

Bringing Back “The Light of Hope”: Afghanistan’s First Woman Presidential Candidate Makes a Promise to the World

Interviewed by David Naftulin. I sat down with pioneering Afghan women’s rights hero Dr. Massouda Jalal (GS’10), who just weeks ago was forced to flee her country as the [...]

“The Power of Will”: A Cuban Dissident’s Fight for Freedom

A conversation with Geneva Summit speaker Rosa María Payá (GS’16), one of Cuba’s most renowned human rights activists.

GS Speaker Spotlight: Q&A with Yavuz Aydin (GS’20)

“I went to bed a judge and woke up a terrorist," says Turkish jurist Yavuz Aydin on when he was purged by the Erdoan regime on the day of [...]

GS Speaker Spotlight: Q&A with Tania Bruguera (GS’21)

Despite government efforts to silence her, Tania Bruguera remains committed to telling the world the truth about the Castro regime—even if it means risking her own freedom. Editor’s [...]

13th Geneva Summit: In the News

Media Mentions of 2021 Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy For videos, photos, transcripts, media mentions, quotes, and more, click here. Los Angeles Times article on the 2021 Geneva Summit and [...]

Navalny Wins Award as Russia, China, Iran, Belarus, Zimbabwe Scrutinized at Geneva Rights Summit

Daria Navalnaya, daughter of jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, received the 2021 Moral Courage Award on behalf of her father, and testified about the fight for freedom and [...]

Panel of Champions for Change at 2021 Geneva Summit

Full Transcript Moderator: Welcome to our panel on Champions for Change. I'm joined by three incredibly courageous individuals here: Evan Mawarire, pastor and democracy activist from Zimbabwe, Yang Jianli, a [...]

Yang Jianli speaks at 2021 Geneva Summit

Yang Jianli, Chinese dissident, former political prisoner, and survivor of the Tiananmen Square massacre who founded Initiatives for China, addressed the 13th Annual Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy [...]