GENEVA, February 20, 2018 – Renowned Turkish novelist imprisoned by Turkey for more than four months following summer 2016 coup attempt, Asli Erdoğan, addressed the 10th Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy — see quotes below.

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On repression in Turkey before and after the coup:

  • “I still have burn marks from the acid used by the police in the 2013 protests.”
  • “The situation [today] gets more and more grave as the silence of the international community deepens.”

On torture political detainees:

  • “There are many reports of physical torture.”

On August 2016 arrest of Asli Erdoğan:

  • “My apartment was busted by 60 policemen, half of them by security forces, totally masked…”
  •  “They didn’t even let me dress – I was in shorts, meanwhile, which added to the irony of this fully dressed man in the summer heat. Then I was taken to the police station in a cage basically with three other women in the summer heat.”
  • “I was arrested by a judge almost half my age because 2500 judged were in jail by this time.”

On political charges against Asli Erdoğan:

  • “I am the first member of an advisory board of a Turkish newspaper to be arrested in Turkey.”
  • “I am accused under Article 302, the heaviest article in Turkey – destruction of the unity of the state. I am the only female writer in Turkish history that could get the death sentence, if they bring the death penalty back.”
  • “I am still facing this theater trial.”