Anastasia Zotova wife of jailed Russian dissident Ildar Dadin addresses the 9th Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy.

9th Annual Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy, Main Event, Tuesday February 21, 2017

Anastasia Zotova, wife of jailed Russian dissident Ildar Dadin
Feb. 21, 2017

Reading letter by her husband, political prisoner Ildar Dadin, then imprisoned in the Karelia prison:

  • “On Sept. 11, 2016, they came to me with three employees. Together they started beating me. Over the course of the day, I was beaten 3-4 times by 10-12 people at a time. On Sept. 12, I was handcuffed and suspended from the ceiling for half an hour. After, they took of my underwear and said they would send another prisoner to rape me…”

On state-sanctioned torture in Russian prisons:

  • “Firstly, the jailed are beaten once they arrive and then they are supposed to go through different forms of violations, forced to do things banned by their religion, like Muslims are forced to eat pork… Those who start complaining, get placed in individual cells. Those punishment cells are the worst for the prisoners. Every day, twice a day, each prisoner is taken out of his cell, morning and evening and beaten. First, he is taken to a place where there are no cameras, and then he is beaten. I should stress this is twice a day in morning and in evening every day to each prisoner… All injured are refused medical aid. One prisoner was consistently handcuffed and hung from the ceiling even after they broke his arm.”
  • “For prisoners in Karelia, there are no human rights at all.”
Zotova listed the following prisoners, according to Ildar Dadin, as currently being tortured in Karelia:

  • Hazbulat Gabzaev
  • Anzor Mamaev
  • Zelimkhan Geliskhanov
  • Koba Shurgaya
  • Murat Nagoev
  • Ali Islamov
  • Mischa Mgoian
  • Alexander Zaitsev
  • Gennady Kerdalev
  • Artem Ruhtaev
  • Peter Primerin
  • Vitaly Belsky

Click here for PDF of Anastasia Zotova’s prepared remarks.