Rosa Maria Paya
Rosa Maria Paya

Rosa Maria Paya has a degree in Physics from the University of Havana and has participated in several programs at Georgetown University, including the Global Competitive Leadership program and the Summer Institute on the Constitution.

She is a pro-democracy activist and has led civil society activities in Cuba since 2009. She was part of the Coordination Team of the Christian Liberation Movement (Movimiento Cristiano Liberación or MCL) and she worked as a member of the Redaction Council of Somos Liberación (We are Liberation), a publication of the MCL. She was also section manager for the catholic magazine IXTHYS.

Paya has made appearances in several international forums since 2013, including the United Nations Human Rights Council, the European Parliament, the Senate of the United States, the Organization of American States, the Summit of the Americas and several national parliaments.

She works to promote international solidarity with Cuba and seeks justice for her father, Oswaldo Paya, a recipient of the European Parliament’s prestigious Sakharov Prize and a five time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, who was assassinated in 2012.

She currently coordinates the international campaign Cuba Decide (Cuba Decides) that advocates that the Government hold a binding referendum in favor of free and plural elections for the first time in Cuba in 67 years. She holds the position of President of the Latin American Network of Young People for Democracy.

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