Rayhan Asat
Rayhan Asat

Rayhan Asat is an attorney, president of the American Turkic International Lawyers Association, and senior fellow at the Raoul Wallenberg Center for Human Rights. Rayhan’s work specializes in business, anti-corruption efforts, and human rights. Asat focuses particularly on democratic leadership, labor rights, human rights as core elements of foreign policy, and the relationship between emerging technologies and human freedom. She collaborates with civil society, governments, world leaders, businesses, and grassroots organizations to advise and address human rights concerns.

Asat has been featured in the New York Times, the Guardian, BBC, the Hill, CNN, and Deutsche Welle, among other media outlets. As a prominent human rights lawyer, she is a sought-after speaker at various conferences and international forums.

Rayhan is also an extensively published author. In addition to legal journals, her opinions and writings have appeared in Foreign Policy, NBC News, the Hill Magazine, and other prominent publications.

A graduate of Harvard Law School, Rayhan mentors law students who take part in national and international moot court competitions. During her time as a student at Harvard, she served as a teaching fellow for a course on emerging markets.

Rayhan’s brother, Ekpar Asat, is a prominent Uyghur entrepreneur, philanthropist and alumnus of the State Department’s prestigious International Visitor Leadership Program. Unfortunately, Ekpar disappeared into the shadows of the concentration camps in Xinjiang, China. Now, Rayhan devotes much of her time to fighting for his release.