María-Alejandra Aristeguieta-Álvareza
María-Alejandra Aristeguieta-Álvareza

Maria-Alejandra Aristeguieta-Alvarez is the interim President Guaido’s Representative to the Swiss Confederation and to the United Nations and other International Organizations.

Ambassador Aristeguieta is an international policy expert with more than 20 years of practice in Geneva. She has been representing public and private institutions at the crossroads of trade, development, social, human rights and humanitarian issues.

In the course of the past years she has worked as Coordinator of NGO Iniciativa Por Venezuela, a voluntary based association devoted to raising awareness on human rights violations and the erosion of Rule of Law in Venezuela at the United Nations Agencies, the international civil society and the media. Until 2017 she represented the Venezuelan Democratic Unity Bureau or Mesa de Unidad Democrática (MUD) in Switzerland.

Her experience in advocacy, public affairs and policy-making was built through her work as Venezuelan diplomat, later on as a director of public affairs agency APCO Worldwide, and as an independent consultant to international bodies and corporate institutions, including the World Bank, The World Trade Organization, Europe Aid, and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, and the International Federation of Food and Beverage Alliance, among others.

Before moving to Geneva, she served as Chief of Cabinet to the Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Trade and she was a staff member of the Venezuelan Congress, where she was Executive Director of the Foreign Affairs Committee and Deputy Director of the Inter-parliamentary office.

Ambassador Aristeguieta is a Swiss-Venezuelan national, has a degree in International Studies, postgraduate studies in Economic and Integration Law and a diploma degree from the Graduate Institute on International Negotiations and Policy-making. She speaks Spanish, French and English fluently.

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