Can Dündar
Can Dündar

Can Dündar addresses the 13th Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy – Panel: The Fragility of Freedom and Democracy

Can Dündar is an award-winning Turkish journalist who was arrested and forced into exile by the government for his groundbreaking reporting. In 2015, Dündar made international headlines after revealing footage proving that Turkish intelligence agencies had been arming terrorist groups in the Syrian Civil War. Because of this report, Dündar was jailed on trumped-up “espionage” charges. After a failed attempt to assassinate him and being sentenced to prison by a Turkish court, Dündar was forced to flee in 2016. Since then, Dündar has been sentenced in absentia to over 27 years in prison. Despite this, Dündar continues his brave journalism, and has emerged as a leading figure in Turkey’s fight for democracy and human rights.

Can has produced a number of documentaries focusing particularly on modern Turkish history and cultural anthropology. He has also been a columnist for Die Zeit since August 2016. Dündar’s journalism career spans 42 years, and he has written more than 40 books. Many of his publications are internationally acclaimed, having been translated into German, English, Italian, Spanish, Albanian, Chinese and more.

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