Everything you need to share the words and images of the 10th Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy, February 19-20, 2018: (1) Images & Video; (2) Testimonies & Quotes; (3) Media mentions.



Luis Almagro – Secretary General of the Organization of American States, former Foreign Minister of Uruguay

Kenneth Bae – Survivor of North Korean gulag, longest-held American prisoner

Maziar Bahari – Iranian-Canadian journalist, filmmaker and human rights activist

William Browder – Hedge fund manager who spearheaded successful campaign to adopt the Magnitsky Act, a U.S. law sanctioning Russian oligarchs

Asli Erdoğan – Turkish novelist jailed for 133 days as as a political prisoner

Guillermo Fariñas Hernández – Psychologist and journalist fighting corruption in Cuba who has conducted 23 hunger strikes and has endured 11 years in prison for his defiance of the Cuban regime

Kasha Jacqueline – Ugandan LGBT activist, founder and director of Freedom and Roam Uganda

Yang Jianli – Chinese dissident, former political prisoner, Tiananmen Square survivor and President of Initiatives for China

Golog Jigme – Tibetan monk and human rights activist

Vladimir Kara-Murza – Leading dissident against Putin regime, Chairman of Boris Nemtsov Foundation, survivor of two poisoning attempts

Farida Abbas Khalaf – Freed Yazidi ISIS slave, author of “The Girl Who Beat ISIS”

Antonio Ledezma – Venezuelan opposition leader, political prisoner who escaped in November 2017

Julienne Lusenge – Leading women’s rights champion fighting rape as a weapon of war in eastern Congo

Maryam Malekpour – Sister of Saeed Malekpour, Iranian developer serving life sentence in Evin prison on spurious charges

Pastor Evan Mawarire – Leading Zimbabwean opposition activist, arrested as he led a church service for his campaign protesting Robert Mugabe’s government

Maryam Nayeb-Yazdi – Human rights activist, founder of Persian2English.com, a website documenting Iranian human rights violations, co-founder of Oslo Women’s Rights Initiative

Effy Nguyen – Son of Nguyen Trung Ton, detained Vietnamese human rights defender and pastor

Taha Siddiqui – Pakistani journalist and social media activist who narrowly escaped a recent abduction attempt

Fred and Cindy Warmbier – Parents of Otto Warmbier, American student tortured in North Korea

Lam Wing-kee – Abducted by Chinese authorities for selling politically sensitive books in Hong Kong


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“On Tuesday Saeed Malekpour’s sister Maryam and I will raise his plight before diplomats attending the 10th Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy, an international gathering of dissidents and former political prisoners. Across the street a week later, foreign ministers will open the annual session of the United Nations Human Rights Council…   International support can provide a huge boost to prisoners’ morale, as noted by Yang Jianli, a Chinese former political prisoner who will also address Tuesday’s summit. After 15 months of solitary confinement, he was near collapse—“until a day when I received a bag of cards from all over the world,” he said. “Ever since that moment, I stood up, even in my cell—I saw the hope.”

  • Swiss TV interview Geneva Summit speaker Asli Erdogan of Turkey: video