Speaker - Dechen Pemba

Geneva Summit Speaker - Dechen Pemba

Dechen Pemba is a UK-born Tibetan and a graduate from University College London with a BA in English and German Language and Literature. After over three years lobbying and campaigning on Tibetan issues in Berlin, Germany, Dechen moved to Beijing in September 2006 to study Chinese at the Central University for Nationalities. Whilst living in Beijing, Dechen was able to travel to Tibet several times and got to know prominent Tibetans in Beijing, including the writer and poet Woeser.

In July 2008, Dechen was deported from China by the authorities who accused her of unspecified "illegal activities". Dechen completed a Master’s in Chinese Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, in September 2009 and is currently the editor of the website High Peaks Pure Earth, on which Tibetan blogs written in Tibetan and Chinese are translated into English.