Speaker - Randa Kassis

Geneva Summit Speaker - Randa Kassis

Randa Kassis was born in Damascus in the 1970s to a Christian family. She is a secular politician and currently the President of the Movement for a Pluralistic Society.  

From an early age, Ms. Kassis was revolted by the Syrian society.   Later, she began to ask questions about Syrian policy.  She keenly felt that no political, cultural or social change had occurred for years, which she believes is due to the acceptance and resignation of the Syrian people.
While most of her teen peers joined the Baasistes, she refused to join the party. In 1987 she studied Anthropology and Psychology in Germany. She has subsequently published a book on religions, entitled : « les coulisses de Dieu ».  In 2010, anticipating the Arab spring, she decided to get involved in Syrian politics. However, she got expelled from the Syrian National Council after she spoke against the rise of Jihadists and Islamists in the current revolution.  In October 2012 she founded the Movement for a Pluralistic Society.