Speaker - Kacem El Ghazzali

Geneva Summit Speaker - Kacem El Ghazzali

Kacem El Ghazzali  is a secularist blogger who is the first Moroccan to publicly claim his atheism. His writings stress the importance of freedom of thought, a notion lacking in the Islamic countries. He is a theatrical performer, writer and political dissident. He used to be the head of the Youth Chapter at the Moroccan Center for Human Rights and is a member of the Executive Board of the Moroccan Blogger Association and CyberDissidents.org Blogger Board, as well as one of its founders.

El Ghazzali is the author of the Bahmut blog, one of the most controversial blogs in the Arab world, and has received a number of death threats because of his views. His blog discusses issues ranging from freedom of expression to political Islam.

In 2012, he launched the "Mayasaminch" initiative, which calls on Moroccans who do not observe Ramadan to eat publicly. Moroccans born in non-Jewish families are forbidden by law to drink, eat, or smoke in public during Ramadan.

El Ghazzali is one of the few atheist activists in Morocco and is a proponent of religious and sexual freedom. He has been living as a refugee in Switzerland for over a year.

He has appeared repeatedly in international media.